Private Property

There's a lot that goes on here at Puckett Farm - Welcome anyone!  

But please stop in a say "hello!" 

We are just a "knock" or phone call away.

317.340.4452 - Robbin

Please note that Puckett Farm has noted security cameras in place.  We see all "Comings and goings."

About the Farm


Whitetail Deer Producers

North American WhiteTail Deer

- Non-Typical Trophy Buck -

Big Daddy Warbucks

- The Ladies -

Laverne, Shirley, Penelope & Faith

- The 2018 Yearlings -

Glinda & Elfie

- The 2019 Fawns -

Twins:  Richie & Joanie

Member IDEFA

Indiana Deer & Elk Farmers' Association

Member of NADeFA

North American Deer Farmers Association