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The best part of Puchay's "Job" is getting to know you & the heart of your business ...

All the dreams from the very beginning to the continued growth & success of today.

Your Website/Social Media is creatively planned specific to your business desires.

~Satisfaction Guaranteed~

I am your I.T. Gal

*Information Technology

Web Lingo 101


  • Domain Name  - Internet "Street Address" - Unique to you
  • Hosting - The rentable space in the cyber world where files are saved as pages that make up a website
  • SEO - The driving process to get traffic to your site
  • Site Map, Meta Data, Hyperlinks blah blah blah - That's why you hire Puchay to be the behind-the-scenes I.T. gal! 
  • SSL - Is there a tiny green padlock with https attached to your domain?  There better be, or Google doesn't like you.

Brand Identity


What is your Brand Identity?

Is it CONSISTENT across all media?

Your "Brand" is the perception of your business in the eyes of customers;  Don't confuse them and most definitely don't be like your competition!

Let's shape your business identity to take your business to the next level beyond your competition.

How does your business differentiate itself from the competition?

  • Business Philosophy
  • Competition Awareness
  • Consistency across all media
  • Consumer Approval
  • Social Media Activity

What are you waiting for?

Take your time, look around, and learn all there is to know about Puchay & Co. 


Who is Puchay?


Simply Puchay

Puchay ... it's just me.  That way - YOU get all the proper attention without speaking with multiple different departments.

Web Design and Maintenance, Social Media, Data, & Forms, I'm nerdy that way!  My iphone is never ever apart from me ... unless I'm out of range ... on  a remote island somewhere.

I love my husband, two girls, and their husbands more than life itself and cannot wait to become a "Nana!"   I'm married to my boyfriend that I've loved since age 15 - We just celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary, and love him more and more with each passing year.  He's a "really big deal" in the hospital industry here in Indiana, and I couldn't be more proud of him!


I'm a former X-ray technologist that specialized in mammography - yup, boobs. Made a ton of money and saved up to adopt our two beautiful (now adult) daughters. Once I became a Mommy - I devoted my life to that ... I only had 18 years to get all that I could in with each kid!  No one remembers me at the boob clinic, but everyone knows who's mom I am.  I will never ever apologize for being that "stay-at-home" woman.  I met a woman that wanted to use my amazing daughters as models in the photography business, then my own photography business was born "Puchay Photography" which then the iphone and its wonderful digital images came on the scene and everyone was just happy with a small digital image ... so then ... I created websites, social media and #bam - I'm still in the biz!  


I work from home in the 1887 Farmhouse of Puckett Farm, travel as often as I can,... also the Chief Operating Officer here at Puckett Farm - which, is a whole 'nother business!