Basic Website Components

Basic Requirements for a Website

The following fees are required for all Websites, all over the world

• Separate from the one-time Design Fee


  • Domain Name Registration
    • Godaddy® is Puchay's go-to registration;  Totally reliable with the best prices around
    • Best to purchase several domain names that could lead to your business (, etc)
    • Your "Street Address"
    • Approximately $25-$40/Year
  • Web Hosting
    • Your "Acreage on your Lot"
    • The place where your "Pages" exist
    • Includes SSL (Trusted Site with the "Green Security Lock") & priority Google ranking
    • Includes Google® Analytics
    • Renewed Annually
    • Approximately $275+/Year
  • Optional Goods
    • Domain Privacy protects your name, address,  phone number, and more;  $10/year
    • Professional Email with your domain name $5 -$15/Month; e.g.

These components are imperative for each website/store

• Renewed Annually; To keep your site up and running

Lose it by not renewing?   Gotta start completely over, and you just may never get that swanky domain name back


Expert Design & Development

Delinquency : It's ugly, but it happens ... So here goes

Late Fee


  • $30 for any invoice 30 days overdue

  • $75 added monthly after 1st month overdue ($30) then additional $75 per month overdue up to 6 months
    • No maintenance, no updates, no support, no nothing from Puchay #itjustbusiness 
    • #mineandyours
    • #yougetwhatyoupayfor 
    • #ornot

Late Fee Penality


  • Final Notice at 6 month overdue invoice
  • Full payment must be paid via PayPal or Bank Transfer within 2 days of Final Notice
  • Still not paying Puchay?
    • Your site becomes the property of Puchay & Co.,  and forwarded to
    • All fees go to my favorite Collection Agency
    • Your business is reported to the Better Business Bureau
    • You do not get your site back until ALL fees are paid for the remainder of your Support & Fees Due
    • And you will not become a Puchay Client again ... 
    • Why?  Because of that one guy ...

Puchay runs a tight ship


I'm looking at your Site, your Facebook page, your Instagram Account on a daily basis, multiple times a day - Everyday of the year, including holidays.

Puchay is busier than ever promoting YOUR BUSINESS all throughout the holiday seasons - as if I were a sales person in your shop.

Your business goes with me on MY vacations - I  have my computer & devices with me at all times, unless I'm on a remote island ... you can handle that for a week, right?

I get YOUR notifications 24/7

Puchay operates your business with more enthusiasm that her own!


So what's that kind of "employee" worth to you and your business?