How things work #easypeasy


Start to Finish

Each website is creatively planned specific to your business' desire 

The road to success

  • We meet, at your business establishment.  Puchay likes to get "the feel" of your business for design inspiration, as well as get to know the heart of the business.
  • We consult, strategize, obtain info
  • We determine the "size" needed for your website business needs
  • Puchay takes lots of pictures
  • You supply logos, marketing materials, (if you have them) basically, anything you want on your site
  • 1/2 down due at contract 
  • Puchay works fervently day & night
  • We stay in touch via email, phone, & text - whatever works for you
  • Puchay reveals your site within 30 days
  • Your'e thrilled
  • You pay the balance due
  • You have a huge burden lifted
  • You're online!
  • We talk Options 1 & 2

Option 1 - You're on your own

Puchay has created your website and you're pleased as punch!  

Then we part ways.  

We're done. 

The job is complete.  

You manage your site, further updating SEO, adding new content & quality images, making sure hosting & domain names don't expire ... - It's a full time I.T. Job

Or possibly hire another employee to do this for you -  Puchay never checks your site.  If you get in a pickle, Puchay charges a minimum $25 fee billed hourly to get you back on track.  #ouch 

FYI:  Ensuring your site is current and relevant is just as important as creating the site in the first place.  Your website is not listed in the portfolio of because I'm not sure what you will do with you site when I'm done!  

But Puchay will come to your rescue when needed ... For a FEE

option 2 - Support Maintenance Plan

You're running your business, you don't have time to mess with websites and/or social media. Yet ... It is an unequivocal necessity.

Lose the burden, send Puchay an Email/Text with every new idea, plan, update and more!

  • Low Monthly Maintenance Fee; Way below the national average, but way above what you have the time to do!  Time is money for you & for Puchay.
  • Your site stays fresh, relevant, and up-todate
  • Unlimited Content Changes
  • Site Performance Improvements
  • Updates. Updates. Updates
  • Forms Revisions
  • Special Sales & Hours Revisions
  • Continued Search Engine Optimization
  • Renewal Watch-Dog
  • Puchay is your "Off-Site" Information Technology Department that works for minimal $$ yet runs the internet world of your business
  • How often do you even check your site?  I know ...  You're running your business

Hiring Puchay for Website Support Maintenance ...  #stressfree 

Run your business and let Puchay do the "Behind-the-scenes world wide web work!" 

It's exciting to me, oftentimes stressful for you ;)  

  • Just don't text me at night
  •  I won't answer
  • There is never a website emergency that needs to wake me up

What is is worth?  

Time to re-adjust the budget?